Chronomodulated Delivery of Pantoprazole for Nocturnal Hyperacidity



  • Mahalakshmi P
  • Suriyaprakash T N K
  • S. Lakshmana Prabu


The objective of this work was to design and evaluate an oral site-specific, pulsatile drug delivery system containing Pantoprazole sodium which can be targeted to colon in a pH and time dependent manner, to modulate the drug level in synchrony with the circadian rhythm of nocturnal hyperacidity. Five different composition of Core tablets were prepared by direct compression technique. Based on the release studies of core tablets, nine different compositions of press coated tablets were prepared and analyzed. The press coated tablet further coated by using five different proportions of Eudragit RS PO for providing consistent, reproducible chronomodulated release profile. Formulation FPC3 is more suitable among the formulations to design pulsatile release formulations of pantoprazole sodium for 6 hours lag time. After this lag time burst release was observed which exhibited sigmodial release pattern and that was considered to be an ideal for the pulsatile drug delivery system. The chronomodulated drug delivery systems for pantoprazole sodium for the treatment of hyperacidity was successfully developed and the release of the drug was sharp and complete after the lag time which is necessary for any pulsatile drug delivery systems. 



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Pantoprazole, HPMC E15, Eudragit RS PO, Chronomodulated delivery, Circadian, Acidity




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P M, T N K S, Prabu SL. Chronomodulated Delivery of Pantoprazole for Nocturnal Hyperacidity. Scopus Indexed [Internet]. 2015 Nov. 30 [cited 2024 Jun. 16];8(4):3038-44. Available from:



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