Rifampicin and Ketoconazole Modulation of Intestinal Transport of Carbamazepine in Rats




  • Y.M Rao
  • Adukondalu Devandla
  • Shravan Kumar Yamsani


Many drug substances interact with each other and affect the CYP enzyme system and transport properties of other drugs.  The present study was aimed to investigate the effect of ketoconazole and rifampicin pre-treatment on the transport of carbamazepine across the intestine in rats. The transport of carbamazepine across different parts of intestine was studied by the everted and non-everted sac methods. The control and ketoconazole (80 mg/kg) and rifampicin (60 mg/kg) pre-treated rats were sacrificed and the intestine was harvested. The sacs of intestine were   prepared, treated with carbamazepine solution and then placed in Dulbecco’s buffer. Samples were collected periodically and the drug content was estimated using HPLC method. The results show that there was a significant (p<0.05) difference in the transport of carbamazepine from the intestinal sacs of pretreated with ketoconazole and rifampicin as compared to control. It appears that ketoconazole and rifampicin may affect the intestinal transport of carbamazepine and hence may result in pharmacokinetic interactions.  


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Everted sac, Non-everted sac, Induction, Inhibition, CYP3A4




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Rao Y, Devandla A, Yamsani SK. Rifampicin and Ketoconazole Modulation of Intestinal Transport of Carbamazepine in Rats. Scopus Indexed [Internet]. 2013 Dec. 31 [cited 2024 May 18];6(4):2294-8. Available from: https://www.ijpsnonline.com/index.php/ijpsn/article/view/692



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