An Overview of Optimization of Spherical Crystallisation Process



  • N B Bhagat
  • A V Yadav
  • P R Mastud
  • R A Khutale


In this article we describe the optimizing parameters in the process of spherical crystallisation. Particle engineering of active pharmaceutical agents is an innovative area of research in pharmaceutical industry because of several advantages. Spherical crystallization is one of the particle engineering technique in which drug directly gets crystallized and agglomerated into spherical shape. The spherical crystals can be obtained by different methods like solvent change, Quasi-emulsion droplet, ammonia diffusion and neutralisation. The optimization of process of spherical crystallization is important for obtaining the ideal spherical crystal agglomerates. It includes stirring rate, selection of solvent, pH, temperature etc. which affects on the physico-chemical properties of crystals. These optimizing parameters play its specific role in formation of spherical crystals. Stirring rate affects the shape as well as size of the final agglomerates and solvent selection helps in the formation of maximum amount of agglomerates in the system. The factors like pH and temperature should be maintained in case of drugs which show polymorphism. Apart from this, several others physical phenomenon or parameters like interfacial tension and rate of crystallisation are also important for thorough optimization of process.



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Spherical crystals, Mode of agitation, Bridging liquid, Residence time




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