Formulation Development of Oral Mucoadhesive Tablets of Losartan Potassium using Mucilage Isolated from Diospyros melonoxylon Roxb Seeds



  • Sudarshan Singh
  • Sunil B Bothara


Diospyros melonoxylon Roxb is a small tree with rather slender stem and smooth grey bark belonging to family Ebenaceae found widely in Chhattisgarh. The present investigation reports the isolation of mucilage from Diospyros melonoxylon seeds as per AOAC guideline and evaluating it as mucoadhesive agent. Physiochemical characteristics of mucilage, such as appearance, solubility, swelling index, microbial count, loss on drying, viscosity, hydration capacity, flow property, hausner ratio and pH were studied. The mucilage was evaluated for its mucoadhesive properties in compressed tablet, using Losartan Potassium as model drug. Granules were prepared by wet granulation process using polyvinylpirroli-done as binding agent. Mucilage was used in four different concentrations i.e. 20, 40 and 60 % w/w. The prepared granules were evaluated for micrometrics property. The tablet were prepared and evaluated for weight variation, thickness diameter, hardness, percent friability, in vitro dissolution and degree of swelling. The property of bioadhesive strength of isolated mucilage was compared with Guar Gum and HPMC E5LV, which was used as standard mucoadhesive agent concentration. Bioadhesive strength of the tablet was measured on the modified physical balance. The tablets had good physiochemical properties, and drug release was retarded as concentration of mucilage was increased. The force of adhesion was obtained 0.2063N, 0.3837N, 0.5175N, 0.8679N and 0.3983N respectively for F1, F2, F3, F4 and F5. Formulations were subjected for study of effect of intensity of agitation at different rpm (50 and 150) and electrolyte (NaCl and CaCl2), and formulation showed relative effect on release of drug from formulation. All the formulations were subjected to stability studies for three months all formulation showed stability with respect to release pattern.


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Diospyros melonoxylon, Mucoadhesive agent, Mucilage, Natural Gum




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Singh S, Bothara SB. Formulation Development of Oral Mucoadhesive Tablets of Losartan Potassium using Mucilage Isolated from Diospyros melonoxylon Roxb Seeds. Scopus Indexed [Internet]. 2013 Nov. 30 [cited 2024 May 18];6(3):2154-63. Available from:



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